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About the School


The mission statement shall assert that the program will offer a comprehensive array of community-based services for eligible youth, to prevent further involvement within the juvenile justice system and to reintegrate the youth into the community.

Phelps Day Treatment Center Mission Statement

The mission of Phelps Day Treatment is to meet the individual needs of each student. We work together in a caring environment to help our youth become positive, productive members of society. The faculty and staff believe,  
"To change an attitude, will change a life."


  About The School  

Phelps Day Treatment Center

About the Phelps Day Treatment Center

            Phelps Day Treatment Center is a treatment program for boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 17 ½   who have been adjudicated by the Juvenile Court System or referred by the Court Designated Worker as part of a diversion agreement.  We also take admission through Beyond   Parental Control or Beyond School Control.  No school is obligated to enroll the student if they do not complete their treatment plan. 

Phelps Day Treatment Center's Treatment Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy - The treatment philosophy of a Day Treatment Program shall be anchored in the belief that comprehensive strategies are needed to combat youth crime.  All Day Treatments will utilize an effective balance of treatment, education, and graduated sanctions provided by qualified trained staff. 
            It is the philosophy of Phelps Day Treatment Center that our facility provide a multi-disciplinary approach to treating delinquent juveniles in a manner that will meet their individual needs and allow the youth to reside at home.  The treatment component is what sets Day Treatment apart from other alternative schools.  Treatment at our facility composed of individual, small group, and family counseling.  We also believe that our center can also meet the youth's needs by offering a variety of educational programs, i.e., drug and alcohol education, independent living skills, and therapeutic recreation.  Our center also provides assistance in our community through the various family support groups that we are involved.  The individual educational plan of each youth is developed to increase academic ability in a least restrictive environment.  We do provide vocational planning, GED preparation, and regularly scheduled classes from the school curriculum.

Phases of the Day Treatment Program

The Phelps Day Treatment Center phase system consists of:

Phase I - Orientation
Phase II - Learning
Phase III - Progression
Phase IV - Transition

Assessments & Transition


Youths will complete assessments upon acceptance into the Day Treatment program.  Assessments will include the following:

1.      TABE®

2.      Learning and Working Styles Inventory®

            3.      Career Scope®

            4.      Social History

            5.      Star


            Phelps Day Treatment Center has in place a comprehensive facility transition plan. Under the comprehensive facility transition plan, each youth has an individualized transition plan. The youth's transition plan is started within the first twenty-one (21) calendar days. Within one week prior to youth's mainstream, a transition meeting will occur. During this meeting, the youth, their legal guardian, their counselor, and the program's director will be present. The youth and their legal guardian identify transition goals. Once a youth has gone to mainstream, their counselor will visit their school on a weekly basis for a period of five weeks. After the mainstream process is completed, counselors will continue to check on students by phone for a period of three months. If the need arises, counselors will complete more site visits to promote success of the youth during the mainstream process.